Golf instruction lesson packages and options



Individual lessons are designed to identify and improve certain weaknesses in your swing. But the key to my system is breaking down your swing into specific, repeatable motions that improve your efficiency and accuracy. As with anything, success will come fastest with practice between sessions. I can help improve your game during individual sessions, but if you are really committed to drastic improvements consider signing up for the Full Program.

Full Program: 20 Lessons
The twenty session Full Program breaks down every aspect of your swing to give you easily repeatable, quantifiable results. Here is a breakdown of the lessons:

          • Club control, educated hand/wrist conditions
          • The inclined plane, the flat left wrist, the pressure point #3
          • Right forearm takeaway, right forearm tracing and pressure point #3
          • Left wrist action, rhythm and hinge action
          • How the right forearm and elbow action coordinate with the the left wrist action and how they relate to the     angle of
            approach or the arc of approach procedure for hitting and swinging
          • Extensor action and pressure point #3
          • Power accumulators and power package sequencing
          • Lag Loading and pressure point #3
          • Pivot and Pivot components: Feet, Knees, Hip action, hip turn and shoulder turn
          • Axis tilt and hand delivery paths

Cost: $1,400

Individual Lessons:

$100 per hour
5 hours $425
10 hours $750
20 hours $1400

Juniors $40 per 1/2 hour