Reviews of Greg Smith’s Golf instruction







My name is Barry Jessen. I am 65-years old and live in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Greg Smith gave me my first golf lesson about two and a half years ago. At first I was skeptical, as I thought NOBODY could ever help me become a better golfer in my 60's.  I thought that I'd be a 12 -14 handicapper for the rest of my life.
At first Greg taught me a few basic concepts of the proper golf swing and I saw a slight improvement. Over the course of the summer we started working together more consistently (about once a week), and the bottom line is this: I went from being a 12.8 to an 8.2 handicap (4.6 strokes better!) in about eight weeks.  But to be completely honest, I'm really playing more to a 6-7 handicap these days.
Greg has been very patient and easily spotted my flaws, yet was very complimentary about the things I did well. He has taught me how to make the correct hip turn, showed me the advantage of the flat left wrist, and explained how to hit down and through the ball. As a result, I'm hitting the ball about 10% FARTHER WITH MUCH LESS EFFORT!
He also showed me that my swing plane was "too high at the top."  Greg helped "flatten out" my swing plane and NOW I HAVE MUCH MORE CONTROL!  
Before I started working with Greg I was terrified of the sand. I didn't want to get in it because I couldn't get out. With the techniques that Greg has taught me, I now have have the control to avoid bunkers. On the rare occasion when I do find the bunker, I always get out. Now sometimes I even get the ball close to the hole, all thanks to Greg. 
The bottom line is really pretty simple: I'm hitting the ball longer, straighter, and more crisply.  I am consistently scoring much better.
I AM NOW PLAYING BY FAR THE BEST GOLF OF MY LIFE! Including a career best 72 at Davis Park Golf Course in Fruit Heights, Utah. The very next day I shot a four-under par 32 on the front nine at Davis. I had an eagle, two birdies, and six pars - SOMETHING I NEVER DREAMED I COULD POSSIBLY ACHIEVE!
I highly recommend Greg Smith and his teaching techniques to any golfer who wants to improve.
Barry Jessen







I met Greg Smith early last year, 2010. He had approached me on the driving range and asked if I was interested in golf lessons. He then asked if I had ever heard of The Golfing Machine. He went on to give me a little information about it. As he was talking I had already decided that I liked this guy, he wasn’t pushy and seemed to know what he was talking about. I took his flyer and told him I might call. I didn’t tell him that I was taking lessons through the PGA store and was not happy with the progress. I discovered that saving money on golf lessons through the PGA store was expensive if you don’t learn anything.

Months later I called Greg to set up a lesson. He explained things in a way I could really see and understand. My swing had ventured off into no man’s land and he showed me how we were going to get it back only better. I signed up for a series of 5 lessons and things were going well when I decided to go to Seattle for 6 weeks over Christmas. No golf during this time. When I returned, I started playing golf and it was horrible.


About a month had passed when I decided I needed to call Greg to finish my lessons. Greg has brought my game from hoping I would break 100 to my early years of low 80’s. I feel very positive about my progress and am hitting the ball as far or father than I did in my youth. At least as far as I can remember since I’m now 65 and can’t remember very much. I’ve since signed up for another series of lessons and hope to take my game to a level I’ve never been to before. All because of Greg Smith and the way he has helped me see and understand the golf swing.


Bruce Tosline

Chandler, AZ





I was SHOCKED! And embarrassed at how ignorant I was. I started playing golf in 1964  and  I thought I had heard everything but after reading The Golfing Machine and taking  one  lesson from Greg I come to realize how far off a person can be in their swing but  more importantly  their concepts. I was lost in the forest and Greg has pointed me in the  right direction.

Percy Hoy



I've learned something I didn't know before. How educated hands work or why you want to educate your hands, so everything can become whole. The magic move for me was understanding how the left wrist uncocks and swivels into impact. It use to be a blank  and flash and now it is a more coherent and clear idea of what I am trying to do. It feels like power without exertion. Mentally I feel relieved.

Jack Hoy



Being a basketball coach and teching skills for over 35 years it amazes me how effortless Greg makes golf seem. His easy demeanor and knowledge of the game makes it fun to learn. I've had a lot of lessons and received even more tips but Greg's method is the only one I trust.


Coach Art Dye
Founder of the Arizona Stars Basketball Association
Coached Mike Bibby-Miami Heat, Channing Frye-Phoenix Suns, and Richard Jefferson- San Antonio Spurs




GOLFING – you either LOVE it or hate it. I had the pleasure of meeting Greg Smith a few years back while vacationing in Phoenix. I thought I liked the game but after spending time with Greg on the driving range, I’m now convinced I LOVE it. Greg presents his teaching style of The Golfing Machine techniques with such ease. When I return each year to the sunshine of Mesa, I look forward to spending the majority of my time on the driving range, absorbing Greg’s instruction while enjoying immensely his teaching aids, techniques and his company.
He has become a good friend and I’m looking forward to many more sessions of laughs and lessons.


Sandy McLeod



I have known Greg Smith for some eight years now.  I got to know Greg quite well when he was teaching at the Family Golf Center in Mesa, AZ.  During that time I have watched Greg teach as well as have him help me with my own game.  He is a devout student of The Golfing Machine by Homer Kelley.  He not only has a very good understanding of the entire book, but has a way of simplifying the termonology used in the book.  On many occasions, Greg has watched me only hit a ball or two, and we go back to points discussed in previous lessons.  All of us have the same tendencies, and constant attention to them spells progress.  I have seen many cases in which he works with a student for a period of time, and see remarkable improvement in a short time.  Greg also is very conscientious with all his students, in working with them "after their time is up" trying to get another point across that might make a difference. 
He sticks to an agenda, and the agenda works from geometrically sound principals. I have been to him countless times, and believe he has solutions to golfing problems.  If one sticks with his philosophies and truly  works in the direction he takes them, improvement will surely follow.

Thank you,

Ed Smith





After trying several golf teachers since moving to Arizona, I now have a coach who I highly recommend. Greg Smith’s teaching is direct and simple. He is very good at explaining what I am doing wrong and teaching me how to correct the errors.


I’ve been working with Greg for over two years. When I first started with him I was a 3 handicap and was struggling to get better. I had been at that level for about 5 years. After several lessons and learning the concepts Greg was teaching me I was able to improve my swing and post some great results. Four consecutive results in the mid 60’s and I know I have Greg to thank. My handicap is now at +2.5 and I am enjoying playing golf more than ever.


I highly recommend Greg for golf instruction regardless of your current skill level. I will continue working with him in the future and I am anticipating more good results. Thanks Greg!


James Niles




The game of golf is such a precise game. Greg’s teachings brought a whole new meaning to my understanding of golf. He’s been a Golf Pro for many years. I met Greg some years ago as I was thinking my clubs just weren’t working for me and it was time for a new set. Greg’s patience and good sense of humor was an added bonus as he introduced me to The Golfing Machine technique.
I look forward to enjoying his knowledge of the game for many years to come.


Stewart Carter
Saskatchewan Canada







After seeing my golf scores climbing over the last three years, and the frustration level growing to the point that I was actually considering just quitting the game due to the lack of enjoyment, I happened to run across Greg on the driving range a few weeks ago.  I was trying to find a way just to keep the ball in play, while anticipating a week of frustrating golf with co-workers at convention.  Greg's approach to me was let's just take a look at your swing on video, and see if there isn't one or two things that would make a big difference, and allow you to enjoy the game a little more.  After ONE lesson, I played with my co-workers, and shot 84 at Wildfire in Scottsdale - the best round I've had by far for three years.  Before that, I'd been struggling to keep it in the 104 - 110 range.  I played 4 rounds later that week, averaging low 90's.  I'm now finding joy in the game, anticipating improvement, and actually looking forward to playing more.  Thanks Greg!  I'll see you again soon.


Steve Koehn




Eidie and I are back home after ten weeks of golf. We played better and enjoyed it more, thanks to your help with our game. We both agreed that you treated us like a couple of pros instead of two old hackers.

Eidie played some of the best golf she has ever played after we saw you this trip. As seasonal members of the Yuma CC she went to the finals in a five day match play tournament and won the first flight in a three day medal play tournament. She said that for the first time she felt like she knew how to fix her swing when she had problems and gives you all the credit . What else would one expect form an instructor with a Masters in G.O.L.F. We have not got it as good as we will make it and intend to come next winter for some more lessons. Till then.

Lee & Eidie Bledsoe
Abilene, TX








I live in Canada and visit the Phoenix area to get away from the cold Canadian winters and play golf.  I have had golf instruction from Greg on three different occasions over the past four years.  I’ve seen measurable improvements in my golf swing and have reduced my handicap by 5 strokes to a 10.  In the past, I have had other lessons from golf Pros and my conclusion is that Greg has a unique way of relating what needs to happen in your swing.  He has a hands-on approach that gets results.


Barry Schlachter

Calgary, Canada.




I met Greg Smith approximately four years ago when I was struggling to hit golf balls at the driving range he just happened to teach at.  He came up to me and asked if I was interested in taking some lessons, I jumped at the opportunity and because of that chance meeting I have improved my handicap from 28 to 18.  Over the past four years when my husband and I travel to Phoenix we take a series of three lessons each with Greg and each year we improve.  He has a way of breaking down the golf swing that really makes sense.  Because I better understand my swing and what I need to do, when it goes off the rails I can refer back to my lesson notes that Greg gives me and I am able to get my swing back on track.  Thank you Greg you are a genius with the golf swing!
Karen Schlachter

Calgary, Canada



Greg Smith and the golfing machine have changed my game immensely. When I first started seeing Greg for lessons, my 8 iron was my 100 yard club. Now I am using my pitch. My driver distance has increased as well. Currently my longest drive is 236 yards. (Which I do not think is too bad for a 52 year old woman) But the main reason that I decided to go see Greg was to become more consistent with my iron play. I am hitting my irons more constantly and am hitting more greens than ever before. His assistance in my short game and putting has helped me to lower my scores. If you are looking to improve your golf game and are willing to go to the practice range to practice what you are taught. And truly trust and believe what you are being told by Greg, then he is the instructor for you.


Cindy Morris







I've been recieving golf lessons from Greg Smith for  4 years now and he has helped me alot with my golf swing. He teaches me the swing plane and how important it is. His intruction has helped me to succeed in the game of golf. He is a great instructor who knows what he is teaching. Having him record my swing and then showing me what I'm doing wrong, helps me understand what I need to do to get better and correct it. Without Greg's instruction I don't know where I would be!
Mckayla Hull


Greg, you are good!!!! You were very patient with this old but not so proficient golfer. Not only did you help my game tremendously but you provided me with strategies and tools to help me knock 8 to 10 strokes from my overall game. I am hitting the ball straighter and improved my short game to the point I am more confident around the greens. We started with grip and stance, taped each session, and each additional lesson built upon the last. Good shots that were few and far in between became pretty consistent with each lesson.You provided me with e-mails on what we learned in each lesson and gave me tips on improving my game. You demonstrated immense talent and your ability to teach others is outstanding. I will definitely refer you to my friends in the future. Thanks for all the help!!!


John Henry





Thanks so much for the wonderful teaching and guidance. I learned a lot in this short time with Greg Smith, as I immediately felt that there was connoisseur who takes pride in what he is teaching. I strongly recommend Greg Smith for anyone who wants to master the golf club with excellent teaching.


Odinn Svansson
Massage Therapist for the Football Association of of Iceland




Like most retired business executives I became accustomed in my career to no-nonsense, soliid , useful advice.  That's what I was looking for to help my golf game.  Greg Smith not only was that source, but he thoughtfully analyzed my personal golfing  indiosyncrasies and tailored  the desired changes  to my age-related limitations.  My game at age 79 continues to be the envy of my golf partners, and some of them have sought his assistance.. 


Thanks, Greg.   


Norb Berg, Retired Deputy Chairman of the Board, Control Data Corporation.




Greg is an exceptional golf instructor. His thorough knowledge of The Golfing Machine techniques unmatched in the industry creating an unbeatable value to his already superior teaching. His visual tools are also extremely helpful to those of us that learn better from seeing where your golf swing needs adjusting. I highly recommend Greg to help you improve your golf game.


Jean Miles




I am a normal recreational golfer with a normal slice. I have had many lessons and a seven day golf school that did not fix my slice. Then I met Greg Smith who teaches The Golfing Machine. The Golfing Machine technique is very effective and Greg's instruction is second to none. He has the ability and knowledge to teach this method to anyone. He is able to see what is wrong in your swing and give you the correction, by the end of your session you are hitting the ball clean, long and effortless, and for me I can even get a draw now. Greg uses effective tools that help to get us out of bad habits and to feel what it is supposed to feel like with the correct swing. The results are very rewarding. I would recommend Greg Smith to any golfer from beginner to pro status. He will improve your game.


Chris Miles




In the 4+ years of working with Greg Smith, I have lowered my score by 16 strokes. After going to a couple of teaching professionals and being unhappy, Greg’s enthusiasm, professionalism, personable nature and knowledge of the game were refreshing. I have also found his insights to the mental and physical aspects of the game helpful to me in approaching the fundamentals, practicing and swing mechanics. But most importantly, I have become more consistent with my stroke from Tee to Green. Greg’s uncanny ability to break down the components of the swing and provide crisp clear concepts of the motions, have really improved my game. I am a try believer in The Golfing Machine methodology and would highly recommend Greg and it to others.


Ray Martin




Greg is the finest golf teacher I know. He has the answers for the full swing, putting, and short game. What I like most is Greg’s consistency when it comes to the fundamentals of the game. He knows what is required to develop a sound golf swing and doesn’t ‘dumb it down’ to gain a quick fix. Having been a professional musician for the past 20 years, I know that the key to success is having strong fundamentals. Strong fundamentals hold up and provide success when the pressure is on. I trust his information so much that my son and daughter are his students and both are having wonderful amateur success.


Emery Harvison
Assistant Principal Trumpet
The Phoenix Symphony





Just a note of appreciation and a report of progress I made regarding the lessons I took from you last year. Before I started with you I could barely break 100 on my best day.  Since taking lessons with you in application of the golf machine technique, my scores are consistently in the range from 84 to 87.  From my viewpoint, that's remarkable progress as I continue to filter and weed out old ingrained habits that lead to a high handicap. I found that the golf machine methods, when executed properly, were simplistic and when a flaw appeared, it was much easier to correct and get back on track than the other dozens of things I have done in the past.


Thanks again,
Herb Andreen