Greg Smith

Professional G.O.L.F. Instructor

I have been studying the golf swing for more than thirty years. In that time I have witnessed a host of ambiguous and imprecise methods for improving the golf swing.

In my search for a better method, I came across a book called The Golfing Machine. I studied it relentlessly because it reinforced my belief that a systematic and precise effort was needed to understand the series of complex movements that make up the golf swing. I studied the book for four years and finally became a master instructor with the help of Alex Sloan, GSED. It was this journey that finally lead me to the most simple and efficient way to swing a golf club – the method I teach today.

I have taught and still teach golfers of all ages and abilities my successful swing system at Dobson Ranch Golf Course (map) in the Phoenix area. In May I will be teaching through the summer at the Fore Golf Lakes Golf Course (map) in the Salt Lake City area before returning to the Phoenix area in November.